With wind energy we benefit from household energy

Wind resource is not only inexhaustible, but it is endogenous, improving energy independence of countries. Energy security is top priority in many countries, especially in Europe. Given that the majority of oil and gas reserves are confined to a few countries (mainly in the Middle East), Europe needs to source fuels through imports.

This situation places countries in a situation of great vulnerability since an increase in fuel prices (even the mere volatility thereof), in addition to any interruption or alteration in the supply, can have serious economic consequences.

In Spain, energy dependence is very high, around 73%, well above the European average (around 50%). Renewable energy, and in particular wind power (which is currently the system’s second technology), prevents large imports of fuels to our country.

A study by the Spanish Renewable Energy Association (APPA) revealed that the renewable sector prevented the import of 19,945,081 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) of fossil fuels in 2016, which generated an economic saving of 5,989 million euros.

Energy dependence - measured as net energy imports (% of energy use) according to the World Bank.